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Nigerian singer Burna Boy: No longer an Afrobeat artist?

Nigerian singer Burna Boy: No longer an Afrobeat artist?

Burna Boy, who is considered the biggest African musician in the US right now, has just released the official tracklist for his album “I Told Them.” Shockingly, the album features no international African artists and home-based producers.

The only artist he featured from Africa is Seyi Vibez, and all the tracks from the album appear to be 

produced by American producers

You cannot claim to be exporting Afrobeat while all your songs are now produced by American producers, who know little or nothing about the African sound.

His sound is no longer that classic African and Afrobeat type.

This situation raises concerns about Burna Boy’s role in promoting Afrobeat globally, as his current agenda appears detached from Afrocentrism and cultural preservation

At this point, we cannot rely on Burna to take Afrobeat to the global stage because that is clearly not his agenda. He is not Afrocentric or in any way trying to protect our culture.

Seriously, we are not impressed !!!

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